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Gagong Rapper Songs. Throwback songs.

Maryland’s Gagong Rapper crew gained fame in the early 2000s by flooding the internet with their home-recordings and heading the underground sub-label Sandamukal Records. L.A.’s Grupo ni Berdugo and Sunog Baga, under F.O.B Entertainment, has recently been making names for themselves, the latter being signed by Andrew E’s Dongalo Wreckordz and opening up for Gloc-9’s L.A. show

Members Macwun, Kilo, Yawzi, Lil Khoolet & Shock-Gie
Hometown Maryland & Virginia, USA
Record Label Sandamukal Records & Dongalo Wreckords.

Gagong Rapper is my idol when it comes to rap music. Ever since I was in high school. You can hear this song everywhere. I made this video to share it to everyone who loves them and who misses them.

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P E A C E O U T.
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